Youglobalize is an elegant writing and reading network with a focus on minimalist design and maximum exposure.

Enjoy a clean and modern writing experience, share your thoughts across dozens of social networks around the world and interact with other writers who are creating interesting content on a daily basis on the Youglobalize network.

Clean Crisp Blog

Create blog posts, and manage your own blog. Directly publish as many masterpieces as you want. All members’ posts combine into a central blog. It is easy for any visitor or member to navigate to your profile to read just your posts.

Focused Writing

Write your piece using our excellent user interface that enhances your writing experience. Take advantage of the clean and uncluttered editor and enjoy distraction free writing.

Control Post Options

More settings are unveiled upon clicking the edit icon, giving you greater control over your masterpiece. Add categories, tags, and a featured image, giving your post it’s own unique identity.

Inline Media

Easily embed, and control the look of your photos and videos. Add photos as well as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter videos to the body of your post and format them to look good.

Social Sharing, Bookmarks and Recommendations

All members can recommend articles to each other, or bookmark them for future reference. Members and visitors can easily share your articles to dozens of social media networks, which will in turn generate additional traffic to your blog. In addition, an inline text highlighter allows readers to share your post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.