Today, we’re launching a new feature for Svbtle members: it’s a promise that the Svbtle service and your published content will remain available on the web forever. You can read the details here: Svbtle Promise →

One of the biggest downsides of investing time and energy into using a new startup’s service is the nearly inevitable fact that, at some point, that startup will likely be acquired and shut down, transitioned into something entirely different, or even completely fail. The data from millions of users ends up being either lost entirely or the users themselves are forced to waste countless hours transitioning to a new service with similarly questionable longevity. I’ve always considered this one of my top hesitations for trying cool, innovative new services. As it turns out, that’s a major concern of many potential customers of Svbtle, too.

Hopefully, with the Svbtle Promise, we can allay that fear. And we hope that our public dedication to your online presence will encourage you to join us if you haven’t already.

When I started Svbtle a couple of years ago, I built it for myself. I was sick of using other blogging services that were incredibly slow, contained endless lists of unnecessary features, had egregious security bugs, and which required me to be heavily locked-in to proprietary networks with little sense of my own identity. Svbtle has always aimed to solve these particular problems. We’re close, but we are still working to improve in a few of these areas. Here’s a quick update on our near-term product roadmap.

  1. Design Customization

One of the best things about Svbtle is its simplicity, and we want to retain that quality while also allowing for some more customization. This is a very hard design problem, but check back in a couple of months for some progress on this front. We want Svbtle to be your place of ownership and identity on the web.

2. Support For Companies

Svbtle is designed for individuals right now, but we’re working on Svbtle for Companies, which will provide a dead-simple, complete solution for companies to run their blogs on the Svbtle platform. (One of my biggest company blog pet peeves will finally be solved: the top left company logo will link to the company’s main website instead of the blog’s homepage!) If you’re interested trying this product out, please let us know:

3. Exposure and recirculation

This is something I have been personally obsessed with for years, and we are working on several projects to address this problem. Svbtle now has thousands of dedicated members who are publishing awesome stuff every day, and we’re building features to expose that writing–your writing–to more people. Svbtle is a network, and we haven’t yet done enough to bring readers and writers together.

In a sentence: more is coming. The Svbtle Promise is just the first step in a series of features and releases we’re working on for 2016. I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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And as always, you can say hello at any time by emailing us: or by texting/iMessaging me directly: (415) 971-3229. I genuinely want to hear what you think.



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  1. Youglobalize Post author

    This is a winner Bolu!
    It gave me everything! Particularly, the ‘texture’ of your writing- using different styles, added to the excitement building.
    And the currency of the entire story: it feels like what could, and is probably happening with your every day Naija kid in London.
    A winner of a story to me. Very well done.

  2. Youglobalize Post author

    Then came the talent show. Ola, on the stage of our school hall, spectacularly calling my bluff through impressive riffs. Touché. I shook my head. He winked at me. I laughed and Jazz’s jaw dropped. This was my grand gesture. It was ridiculous and technically embarrassing for us both. In reality it wasn’t though, because this was just for us. Now we had some glue, further traction. It was a public, private joke. It was the work of an evil genius. The dark pool in my belly simmered. On his last note, he threw the microphone on the stage, making it screech in protest over the roar of our year. He leaped off the stage and weaved through the audience and picked up my hand and led me out into the corridor and said, still breathless, sweat glistening on his forehead, “It doesn’t even have to technically be a date. Doesn’t have to be a huge thing. We can just watch Netflix. Eat snacks. You can destroy my self-esteem. We can chill”.

  3. Youglobalize Post author

    His words fell out and into place with mine, matching in beat and in tone, parrying and thrusting, and speaking of thrusting he was really stupid hot. He smelled really good. I’ve said that.
    It was pushed to the back of my mind for a week and a half. Superficially, it seemed we had fallen back into being acquaintances. Cursory interactions. Smiles and nods. Except now, when he smiled, it wasn’t shy, or polite. It was small, and deliberate and concentrated. It made something velvet and dark and chocolate pool in my belly. The air between us felt tauter, like if you plucked it something would snap. Someone would snap.